Navštivte ETS Lindgren na EMC Europe 2017


Join us at EMC Europe 2017

4 Sept - 8 Sept, 2017

Booth #15

ESEO Graduate School of Engineering in Angers, France





"Virtual Environments for System-Level Automotive EMC Testing"

Chambers for Full Vehicle OTA Performance

5:00pm - 5:30pm

Meeting room: Anjou


"Automotive EMC"

Meeting the Need for HIL Type Enhanced EMC Full Vehicle Measurements

2:00pm - 2:30pm

Location: Jeanneteau


Presented by Garth D’Abreu, Director, Automotive Solutions, ETS-Lindgren 



As the world’s largest provider of market-leading test and measurement solutions and equipment, ETS-Lindgren’s test systems are the innovative and investigative forces behind some of the biggest names and revolutions in a myriad of industries.


Whether ensuring the performance of mobile networks, delivering the cause and effect of electronic interference for government and utilities, or certifying the compliance standards of radiated emissions in today’s ever-evolving automotive sector, ETS-Lindgren is your total solutions partner.


Commercial EMC Chamber Test Systems
Commercial EMC test system integration simplifies testing in anechoic chambers, including management of towers and turntables.    MORE


Automotive Chamber Test Systems
Automotive chamber test systems are semi-anechoic chambers with integrated positioners and are designed for compliance with many industry standards.  MORE


E-Vehicle and E-Motor Chamber Test Systems
E-Motor and E-Vehicle chamber test systems are integrated systems, designed to meet the emerging requirements for performance validation and compliance
testing of E-Motors and E-Vehicles. This includes designs supporting both full vehicle and Electric/Electronic Sub-Assembly (ESA) testing.   


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